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In 1965, a great-grandmother decided to open a restaurant in the old town, with the help of her children: the "Stella d'Oro".
For four generations, secret family recipes have been passed down from mother to daughter.
These treasures, prepared every day for more than fifty years, have contributed to giving this establishment its letters of nobility.
And when you push through these doors, you find yourself in a family united around the same values: love, a passion for cooking and work.
These specialties, which are offered to you today in a rustic setting where a warm and family atmosphere reigns, are more than simple dishes: they are an ancestral culinary heritage that the family wishes to share with you. The watchword is to give these ancestral recipes the taste of what they are.

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Homemade, Fresh products, Italian, Traditional, Traditional cuisine

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Semi-Gourmet Restaurant

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11:00 - 22:00

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